Incidence of Light  Mariska De Groot Jan 2018 - Dec 2018

Balcony doors that open and reflect flashing light like an innocent lightning, slowly shifting light planes from the rising sun through the window, the hypnotizing reflections of water on the ceiling, passing traffic that casts fleeting shades of shrubs and luxaflex, the abstract light- and shadow play of rocking slats, a door opening in a dark corridor.

The interior space forms a 360˚ projection field for an incidence of light from the outside. A score or composition subject to apparent coincidences.

This installation creates light landscapes in space, reads them and sonifies them.

Different light frequencies peek through the small openings of a specially designed slowly rotating sculpture, and create a spatial light composition on the walls and possible objects (and visitors) in space. On the sculpture a camera connected to a loudspeaker rotates, which reads and makes the different frequencies and the rhythmic light / dark parts in the room audible.

Subtle infiltration from the big wild outside to the save inside is turned inside out. An intimate play arises between increased small gestures and the random touches between light and camera, and visitor.

This kinetic light-to-sound installation consists of one sculpture that uses the (white) walls of the room as an extension of itself. The translation from light to sound happens 1 in 1, high frequency light flickering become sound frequencies, shadows become rhythmic silences, gray values ​​determine loudness.

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Incidence of Light

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