Array  Christoph De Boeck May 2019 -

Over the past 10 years I have been building installations with steel sheet material because of the acoustic properties of steel. The distribution of acoustic energy across the room was enhanced by the resonance of the metal. The works have been shown several times at home and abroad. The transport, storage and arrangement of these works literally weigh heavily in the course of my artistic career. In a climate where the arts are under tension due to financial and ecological factors, I find it advisable to reflect on the production load of my practice. It is time for a point of rest in which attention can be shifted from production to reflection. The intention is that this reflection will result in innovative ideas for a practice with less weight and less cost in media and materials.

However, the steel remains. Therefore I will recycle the steel tiles that made up the work Staalhemel (2009). There are 90 elements. They will be stacked or laid out, mounted in patterns or folded.

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