Whistling Castle  Lukas De Clerck Nov 2020 -

The residency of Lukas De Clerck is part of an ongoing research project around mechanisms that produce a flow of air. They are sound installations, between sculpture and a musical instrument, providing a way of activating various amounts of flutes at the same time.

One of this mechanisms is a trampoline. Underneath the trampoline is a grid of pumps that are connected with flutes. During the residency Lukas will further shape this project, also focusing on composition and to learn how to use it as a -personal- musical instrument.

Another mechanism is a bouncy castle. Part of the aim of the residency in this project is creating a connection ‘adapter’ between the bouncy castle and the flutes in such a way that air can only pass at a moment of impact, the jump.

Research projects by Lukas De Clerck

Whistling Castle