Leslie/History Aernoudt Jacobs 2006

Leslie/History is an intallation which consists of a tweaked Leslie speaker in bare parts, some electronics and a CD player. This is some kind of a homage work to the pioneering work of Don Leslie, the sound engineer who built a new type of loudspeaker for electric organs in the 1940s. The Leslie speaker produces the typical voluminous chorus-tremolo sound, which gavethe Hammond organ, among others, its huge appeal to all kinds of musicians.

Spectators are invited to use the installation. They can choose tracks from the CD player and change manually the rotation speed. It runs from very slow to extremely fast. The sounds from the CD are more than 20 tracks of explosions (uneven tracknumbers) and straight (not processed) field recordings from over the world (even tracknumbers). The spectator can listen and experiment with the too much overdriven Leslie-effects. Sounds are, due to reflective mechanisms, sonically projected all over the room.

Leslie speaker element, electronics, CD player, field recordings Netwerk (Aalst)

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