Induction Series #3 Aernoudt Jacobs 2012

Induction series #3 : homage to Robert Drosten

The induction series started as a framework for a research about electromagnetic induction. The series revisits the laws of electromagnetic induction to produce sounds in different ways. The output of the research is a series of fragile kinetic sound installations that question if sounds can be reduced to formal objects. They look for the potential resonance of objects. The works emphasizes on the transition between visual and audible. What you will see and hear will form the trajectory of your perception. I developed three installations on the same theme of induction.

The third work uses an old didactic instrument I found some years ago on the flea market. Only recently while doing my research on the induction principles I decide to transform this instrument into an installation. It became a perfect synthesis of my research. The instrument was originally used to demonstrate how electromagnetism works. When electricity is fed into the system, the instrument works as a magnet. For the installation however, the instrument is transformed by attaching a tin resonator beneath the green coils. And instead of feeding raw electricity into the system, the sound of a waterfall is fed into the system. The resulting vibrations resonate subtly into the tin can.

Concept : Aernoudt Jacobs Production : Overtoon With the support of the Flemish Community Commission (VGC), Flemish Community

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