Koeren Erik Nerinckx 2015

In the immersive sound installation 'Koeren' by artist Erik Nerinckx you enter an open space full of references to a pigeon loft. Some pigeon house cabinets are scattered around the room, a metal grid lies on the floor, a bit further we find resting shelves, in a corner stands a pigeon basket. Everywhere we see small speakers, they are in and on, before or after the pigeon houses. Every speaker produces a dull rolling sound. The cooing arrives at the spectator's ears from all sides. An array of speakers plays a multi-track audio recording that was made in a pigeonry – it is remapped to this new space. We are surrounded by pigeons.
In this installation, the artist is mainly looking for the evocative power of a number of objects and ephemeral sound. Can he create a situation on the basis of a sound piece and a limited number of objects in a specific setting, that opens up a whole world in the imagination of the spectator/listener?

A production of Overtoon with the support of the Flemish Community Commission

Productions by Erik Nerinckx

Thalassa! Thalassa!