Suzanne Groothuis Research Artist

Suzanne is a Brussels-based artist from Dutch origin. She started her career after obtaining her Bachelors degree in Scenography and Visual Arts at academy Minerva in Groningen. Her main focus in her starting period was theatre and scenography. Between 2008 and 2010 she developed two interactive solo performances for the Jonge Harten Festival and she created the scenography for numeral theatre and dance shows.

After making her first art installation for the NwBM festival in 2010 she started to shift more towards visual arts and made installations for toddlers for festival 2 Turven Hoog and had a shared exhibition of art installations with artist Ingrid Rollema at Museum Willem van Haren (Heerenveen, NL).

In 2011 Suzanne moved to Brussels where she kept developing her visual arts and was hired for several scenography, light and film assignments.

During a six months residency at Creative Workspace H30 in Malines in 2014, she made an extensive research to the different perceptions and experiences of peace and tranquillity and processed the results in a mixed-media installation-project called ‘Peace Unique’ that occupied multiple spaces in H30.

During summer of 2015 she got selected for an assignment by ‘Citizenne’ for whom she created 5 installations that were to be seen in the streets of Brussels for a period of 3 months. These works gave people the chance to take a little break and literally put their ‘Head in the Clouds’ while notice something beautiful in their direct surroundings. It provided a new experiance to a known environment.

Currently she is working on new installations based on origami and a research on changing the perception of image by distorting sound ('The Caleidosoon')

Also she started a collaboration with artist Mille Lundt to make a theatrical continuation of Peace Unique, and with artist and dancer Francesca Saraullo she is experimenting on the use of objects to make a concrete space in the interaction between people and environment.

Suzanne usually works around social themes and is always looking for an interactive element between object and spectator. With her art she is often trying to change the spectators perception of objects or environment.

She uses a wide range of techniques to come to her final forms. Her place in the artistic landscape balances between theatre and visual arts.

Research projects