Kunrad Artist

As an artist, Kunrad seeks to enhance the value of the everyday. Every moment of the day Kunrad tries to be on, open to discovering new things: cycling on a newly paved coal road, a coffee cup falling down the stairs of a train station, a large truck driving over an arch bridge. He collects his finds, then a phase of experimentation begins. He attaches a chain of bricks to a motorcycle, withers towers of moving boxes with a water sprayer, smashes bricks against the floor using an upside-down massage chair.

He attempts to illuminate the small sounds and phenomena around us through his work. Someone who whispers is easier to understand than someone who shouts. By allowing the work to whisper, he involves the visitor; they must actively participate in order to experience the work. Based on this active participation, he wants visitors to discover the work. The story of his work emerges from the experience of the visitor. As an artist, he asks himself: How do I bring the small phenomenon to the public, the impact of a single drop of water to that of a cannonball?

Small sounds can be experienced as gestures, but also easily overwhelmed. This is why he sees it as a necessity to attune all elements of a work to the sound experience. Besides the senses, the associations, the environment, the performers, and other visitors, the visitor himself is also part of the sound experience. To incorporate these elements into his work, he has developed a holistic approach to creating sound experiences: SISE, Structural Immersive Sound Experience. An object or phenomenon is approached from its role as a conveyor of sound. From there, through research and experimentation, a new language is built around the object's properties. Everything is at the service of the sound experience.

Research projects

Between copper and zinc
Flipchart #3: Agency, performance, iii, Den Haag, The Netherlands, 2022