Clarice Calvo-Pinsolle Research Artist

Clarice Calvo-Pinsolle is from the Basque Country, lives and works in Brussels, where she pursues her sound and sculpture research. She designs immersive installations that play with the viewer’s perception. Her work revolves around the concept of memory and the safeguarding of memories, especially through sound. She has exhibited at various venues such as the Yvon Lambert Foundation in Avignon, the Museo de la Universidad in Santa Marta in Colombia, and the Hotel de Vogue in Dijon. Her musical projects are published under the name Lamina.

She creates installations that question the viewer's perception mechanisms. She tries to appeal to memories through narratives established between the objects that she used and the sounds that she broadcasts through them. Each sculpture / object is thought for its acoustic quality and its physicality in space. This physicality allows her to question the exhibition space as well as the stroll through it.

Field recording is the best way for her to archive her present. She captures a lot of sounds and uses them for her music and installations. These field recordings allow her to capture situations, decontextualize them and reintroduce them into new contexts in order to create new situations.

These installations constantly juggle between sounds and objects and together have a capacity to recreate new memories. They become representations of the field of hearing, extensions of the human body, they often guide a posture of listening to the viewer. In some cases, these are appendages for listening that amplify and modify our perceptions.

Research projects


Other productions

Sound Sorcery Expanded, concert, KRAAK, Brussels, Belgium, 2020
Animated Matter, special event, Q-O2 & Overtoon, Brussels, Belgium, 2020