Heliophone & Photoacoustic Prototypes

With Heliophone, Aernoudt Jacobs presents an installation which turns sunlight into sound.

On the occasion of the first public presentation of Heliophone, a collection of objects and design principles of Jacobs based on the photo-acoustic principle is presented in the STUK Verbeeckzaal. Operational prototypes functioning with laser or LED lights, stand next to a DIY chopper and a selection of parabolic mirrors. Jacobs sheds light on the different design components; from lenses and choppers to photo-acoustic cells and horns in different materials and sizes. Plans and drawings further clarify the thought processes and design decisions made.

solo show @ STUK
Verbeeckzaal, Naamsestraat 96
Leuven in Belgium

Wednesday, 23 September 2015 18:00
23 September 2015 - 14 October 2015