Once also this was a mutation

Kristiansand Kunsthall presents two larger installations, and four smaller works or investigative prototypes for the future by Aernoudt Jacobs. The exhibition is curated by Kjell Bjørgeengen and is made in collaboration with the PUNKT festival. During PUNKT there will be several performances.
Key words for this exhibition are 'process', 'change', 'mutation' and 'transformation'. The notion of transition is central to Aernoudt Jacobs: transition from magnetism to sound, from light to sound. Movements and vibrations trigger acoustic phenomena, while sound changes through rotating loud speakers. There is a didactic element to the presentation of these works: The audience perceives the technology that brings about and transforms reality, while simultaneously becoming aware of its own active ways of seeing and listening.

With live performances by Nils Chr. Moe Repstad, Marcus Schmickler and Espen Reinertsen during the PUNKT festival

Sponsoring: Huber Packaging LTD (www.huber-packaging.com), RSF (www.rsf-int.com), Neby Hi-Fi Concept AS

solo show @ Kristiansand Kunsthal
Rådhusgaten 11, 4th floor
Kristiansand in Norway

3 September 2015 - 25 October 2015