Photophone Workshop/Re-enactement
by Aernoudt Jacobs

The Photophone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1880, four years later then the telephone. Dedicated to wireless remote oral communication, it is the first device using the light of the sun to transmit sound information. This principle of transforming light vibrations into acoustic vibrations has since allowed different evolutions. From sound/image synchronization in cinema at the end of the 1920s, to optical synthesis, and the advent of optical fibre in the high-speed transmissions of digital data, etc.

How do we transform light into sound? Does the transition from optics to acoustics necessarily induce a synesthetic dimension? At a time when renewable energy issues are being addressed and central to environmental concerns, how do we question the solar energy from an artistic and mediated point of view? To answer these questions, the workshop will open up some ideas through a simple and experimental approach to transduction processes that will lead to individual and collective realizations of optoacoustic devices and remote re-enactements.

workshop @ Beaux-Arts de Marseille — ESADMM

in France

26 November 2018 - 30 November 2018