Creatures Cluster Katerina Undo 2014

Creatures Cluster (2014) is an endless combination of living members, composed by miniature robots that live autonomously, receiving their energy from solar cells and generating a variety of soft sounds and tiny movements. The Creatures are developed with two simple analogue oscillator circuits, inspired from the nervous system of organisms. Every module is special and unique and it is impossible to build exact equal. According to the interaction that occurs between them, clusters/systems are developed that organically interact with each other in a reciprocal way. The sculptural and auditory nature of the synthesis – radiation of the chaotic – refers to the functioning of a nervous system, as well as to systems of social cooperation and alliances.

Produced by Overtoon and coproduced by Z33 Thanks to Johannes Taelman (Axoloti Platform), Ralf Schreiber & Christian Faubel

Productions by Katerina Undo

Creatures Cluster
W/HOLE Expansion
The syndrome of Griselda or the procession of the Ship