Tracks - Layers Arzu Saglam 2021

In front of a door, onto the street, under the ground and back up again.

The space between becomes a substance we only try to press through to get to the next layer. The rumble of the traffic carving their tracks through the city; the crunchy cracks in the pavement broken from pressure and old; the fletching sprakes and howling mass of noise that outruns its source and loops back when Simonis meets Elisabeth.

This walk starts close to your body, when you are not even yet on your feet. It throws you in front of a noisy street with a festive name. You can walk now; a pair of steel sucks you between its groove and takes you under the surface of a big avenue with a royal name. You can still move and there is your chance to become a piece of bronze that sucks up the sounds like a dry sponge. When you hang from the edge of a bridge that is barely floating you can still jump or cling either way this walk will throw you into the between. You will balance your steps carefully on this crease of a city elongating and forming a border with a name used in many places. You will walk through the future into the past between the layers: here & present.

Tracks is a new app designed for soundwalks in Brussels. Offering a growing collection of soundwalks and many functionalities, Tracks connects anyone with a smartphone to the work of sound artists to be discovered in the most immediate way. The release of the app is planned for spring 2022.

Initiated by Justin Bennett

Co-production: Jubilee, Beursschouwburg, BNA-BBOT, Overtoon, Q-O2, and Soundtrackcity.

Developed with the kind support of Visit.Brussels