Surfaces Christoph De Boeck 2022

Two moving speakers project ultrasonic audio beams onto the surfaces of the host architecture. These beams only become audible when they strike a wall and bounce back. The interior architecture responds with hyperlocal reflections. Surface reflections reveal to the ear a detailed acoustic picture of the space you are viewing, instead of the total reverb of a particular space at once. By scanning every angle, side and edge, Belgian sound artist Christoph De Boeck reveals an acoustic portrait of the space. At the same time, these speakers serve as musical instruments, allowing him to play with percussive patterns, spectral textures and panning effects as a composer. A spatial sequencer controls the pan-tilt motors and this allows the composer to distribute sounds to the time of a musical clock across a 360° perimeter.

A coproduction by STUK - House for Dance, Image & Sound, Concertgebouw Brugge, Overtoon & Stem

With the support of: Flemish Authorities & Sabam For Culture

Technical coordination: Lahaag/Gert Aertsen

Productions by Christoph De Boeck

Punctuation #2
Punctuation #1
Plant Condition
Language I
Time Code Matter
Black Box
Hortus Sonoris
Floating Beam