Vonkveld 3 Jeroen Uyttendaele 2014

Vonkveld 3 (Dutch for Sparkfield 3) is an audiovisual installation in which electricity is the main expressive medium. A table (2m10 by 1m54) filled with copper swarf is systematically electrified and produces a changing field of spark patterns. The field functions as a horizontal screen generating light and sound in a direct and visceral way. The table is made out of a grid of 80 individually controlled rods which run electricity through the copper shavings. Vonkveld 3 is the third instalment of an extensive research on electricity in a pure form and as an expressive medium. Electricity marked the beginning of the second industrial revolution and remains the main driving force of our current information age. The spark is a symbol for electricity. It is one of the most elementary ways of producing light and sound. The installation reflects on the meaning of communication technology by presenting it in it’s most naked form.

Produced by Overtoon, coproduced by Z33 With the support of the Flemish Community

Productions by Jeroen Uyttendaele

Vonkveld 3