Gert Aertsen Production Artist

Gert Aertsen has been involved in new media since 2001. He has been working as an artist, organizer, technician and programmer, and collaborated with different organizations.

He was part of Machine Centred Humanz, a multi-disciplinary collective of artists exploring the different fields of technology, arts, robotics, and experimental music. They realized a long list of unconventional projects ranging from networked audiovisual performances and sound installations to artbots. Within Mxhz Gert Aertsen was mostly concerned with installations and artbots like"Thoughts Go By Air" and "Roving Walter Walter". Their projects were shown, at Artbots NY, ZKM Karlsruhe and Tesla Berlin...

Together with Pieter Heremans and Hendrik Leper he started Code31, an open studio for research, development and discussion about techniques and methodologies in media art. It served as a space to experiment with new technologies and stimulate interchange between artistic disciplines. Code31 gathered artists and engineers. One of their last installation was SE/30:Welcome to the 20th century back. Although the collective stopped to exist, they still collaborate from time to time, if only to show some of their old projects.

And in 2004 he co-founded OKNO, an artist run organization based in Brussels, established as an umbrella organization for three initiatives Looking Glass, Mxhz and Code31.

For his Overtoon residency Gert Aertsen works on a site-specific installation that deals with time and the perception of time.

Overtoon (co)productions by Gert Aertsen

The Alphabet of Nature 2016
Aargh 2015
Time is a technology 2014

Research projects


Other productions

The Alphabet of Nature
So it goes...

Presentations by Gert Aertsen

The State of Things, group show, iMAL, Brussels, Belgium, 2016
From Translating To Transcoding, group show, Société, Brussels, Belgium, 2020