Lydia Hannah Debeer Research Artist

Lydia Debeer is an Antwerp based artist. After graduating Fine Arts she was selected for two international expositions for young Talent, Marres Currents #2 and New Now 2015 – Europes Emerging Arstists. From 2015 to the end of 2016 she pursued a post-graduate at the HISK. She was a laureate of Art’ Contest 2016 and was supported by the flemish government in 2019 to continue her research through a short-term development grant. In between she enjoyed a stay at the artist residencies of Hangar in Barcelona and Gasworks in London.

Lydia’s practice explores how the spatial dynamics of architecture and landscape change our perception of reality. She makes changes to existing places through interventions which take the form of films, live and recorded sounds. Her interventions create abstract and immersive filmic and sonic landscapes in which the spectator or listener is exposed to their own associative memory of place, time and surroundings.

Growlers, Cracklers & Bursters, group show, CIAP, Hasselt, Belgium, 2019