Cecilia Jonsson Production Artist

Cecilia Jonsson (SE) is an artist whose work combines artistic observations of phenomena and the search of poetry in the factual through a lens of scientific and cultural knowledge. Her installations, sculpture, sound and video works are shaped by strategies in which materiality, site-specific navigation and objective research methods are intertwined through a personal, subjective experience of contemporary alchemy.. The projects develop as investigations of physical and ideological properties of the raw materials that form the basis of human existence. How they can point to different natural and man-made phenomena but also lead to what coexistence means in different environments and in what ways humans relate to the ecosystem we are part of.

Jonsson holds a MFA from the Bergen Academy of Art and Design and the Nordic Sound Art program and has had numerous solo and group exhibitions in Europe, Asia and Australia. Her artistic work has been awarded international awards and mentions such as COAL Art and Environmental Prize (nominee, 2018), Prix Ars Electronica, Hybrid Art (honorary mention, 2017), Bio Art & Design Awards (2016) and VIDA 16.0 Art & Artificial Life International Awards (2nd prize, 2014).

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