Léa Roger Research Artist

Léa Roger is from Bretagne in France, she lives and works in Brussels. After a P.h.D in Anthropology and Sound studies at EHESS (Paris) and ULB (Brussels) she studied Electro-acoustics and Acousmatic composition at the Conservatoire Royal de Mons in Belgium.
She is interested in the unpredictable and fragile aspects of sound. Her research focuses on resonance, energy flows, psycho-acoustic and visual phenomena and the principles of feedback.
Through recording, compositions and installations she searches for physical immersive experiences that bring us into a state of semi-hypnosis, that engages our entire body. Celtic harpist since she was seven years old, she later added electronic devices, then turned to electro-acoustic compositions, radiophonic creations and sound art.
In her recent projects, the dialogue with the body and the inner space become increasingly present fields of research. For a few years, she has been exploring somatic practices inspired by fasciatherapy, trance, meditation and hypnosis.
This reflection on the body and care practices leads her to explore expanded states of consciousness and alternative modes of attention.
She is involved in a collective of electro-acousticians called “Fenêtre Ovale”. Together they conduct a bimonthly program focusing on sound phenomena related to living things on Lyl radio and also they organize some electro-acoustic events at ATOMA in Brussels. Also she conducts sound workshops in women's prisons in the collective Nyx with Célia Jankowski and Cabiria Chomel.
She has exhibited or performed in various places in Europe such as Kraak festival, Anciens abattoirs de Mons, Festival Lumen, Beursschouwburg, Ateliers Claus, Q02, Vooruit, Lieu Multiple, Baignades Interdits festival, FK: K festival, the Stadtgarten club, Jazzinstitut (Darmstadt), GMEA in Albi, Météo festival, Akouphen festival and her work is supported by le Fond d'aide à la création radiophonique (FACR), Un Futur pour la culture CFWB, le Centre Culturel du Brabant Wallon, la commission « musique » de la CFWB and Phonurgia Nova awards (for residency).

Research projects