Lukas De Clerck Research Artist

Lukas De Clerck (°1994) lives and works in Brussels. As a sound artist he likes to work with recognizable , almost daily, sound production. Hereby creating an accessible playground for the listener to step in.
By putting actions like gargling, sneezing and whistling in an artistic context, a bridge is made between the work and the public. It creates a tension between the extra-, and the ordinary. To emphasize this even further, the context wherein his work is showed is often the public space.
He is part of Collectief Publiek Geluid (in collaboration with Musica, C-takt), a collective that focusses on sound creation in public space. An underlaying theme in his work is breath or air. As a result of this he is also a double-reed player and making several sound installations with selfmade wind instruments.
In 2019 he was selected for Emerging Sounds, a showcase festival in STUK for promising sound artists in Belgium, organized by Musica, Q-O2 and STUK.

Research projects

Whistling Castle
Oscillation Festival 2021, festival, Q-O2, Brussels, Belgium, 2021