Cédric Dambrain Research Artist

Cedric Dambrain is a composer, performer and instrument designer born in 1979 in Brussels. His work includes compositions for ensembles, solo pieces, electronic/computer music, installations and live performances.

His approach to music is mainly motivated by an exploration of perception thresholds based on psychoacoustics and the physiological impact of sound.

His first sound installation (Ee Duct Con v.2 (2015), 3-channel electroacoustic sound, 26min) is based on the phenomenon of otoacoustic emissions, these fascinating sounds produced in the inner ear by a vibration of the cochlea.

As sound resonates both in the air and - litterally - in the listener’s head, it creates a sculpture of space that includes the visitor’s body as a constitutive element. The limits usually drawn between a perceiving subject and a perceived object are blurred. Only perception itself remains.

Notions of unspeakable experience, inclusion (subject/object non- duality) and perceptual paradoxes are the backbone of his work and have been explored by various means including dense polyrythms, imperceptibly evolving sound processes, and algorithmic noise at extreme volume.

Cédric Dambrain is currently exploring the integration of sound, space and perception as an unified phenomenon by bouncing and diffracting synthetic sound sources on steel reflectors.