Katerina Undo

Katerina Undo (GR) is an audiovisual artist and performer, mostly concerned in creating intermedia works, with a particular interest in exploring the acoustics frontiers. The notion of the hearing body is the main focus of her work, she seeks to investigate the interrelationships between subjects-objects, self-other, inside-outside and structures of resonance, by means of generation, transmission and perception of sound.

Productions by Katerina Undo

The syndrome of Griselda or the procession of the Ship 2017
W/HOLE Expansion 2016
Creatures Cluster 2014

Other presentations


Presentations by Katerina Undo

PLAY IN group show art.ur Saluzzo ITALY 2017
MAAC group show MAAC Brussels Belgium 2016
COUP DE VILLE group show WARP Sint-Niklaas Belgium 2016
Où sont les sons? Where Are Sounds? group show CENTRALE for contemporary art Brussels BELGIUM 2017
Sense Of Sound group show z33 Hasselt Belgium 2014
Machines Sensibles group show Festival Accès)s( La France 2017
Tendencies - The Sound Edition group show BOZARLAB Brussels Belgium 2018